International Museum Day observed

Department of Culture today observed International Museum Day by organizing a special exhibition of various artifacts at SPS Museum.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Secretary Department of Culture Dilshada Khan. Artifacts including Kushan Gold Coins, Satanaite Coins, Mughal Coins, Kashmir Bronze, Manuscripts, Astro Lobe, Tiles of ancient period etc were showcased with detailed information and history of the objects during the exhibition.

Speaking on the occasion, Dishada Khan elaborated on the importance of heritage in a society and also highlighted the efforts taken by the Government for preservation of the rich heritage of the State.

Eminent dignitaries including Professor Museology University of Baroda Dr. Ambika Pataiil, Historian Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Famous poet Ayoub Sabir, Ex-Director Archives Archaeology and Museums Prof. Ghulam Mahi-ud-din, and Cultural Activist Abdal Mehjoor also spoke at the event and explained the importance of museums as sources of education, in respect of various aspects of life.

The speakers said that the visit to museums should be made part of the syllabus of Schools and Colleges. They also expressed their concern over the slackness of the people on their deteriorating heritage and desired that concrete efforts should be made to educate the people to preserve the past for posterity.

Earlier, welcoming the guests and participants, Director Archives Archaeology and Museums mentioned the importance of museum as not only repositories of artifacts but also the institution of education in the development of the society.

He said the objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that Museums are important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people.

The Director also gave details of the activities which the Department is performing in promoting the heritage of the State and appealed Principals of all schools to make museum part of their syllabus so that every student is educated about the history of their land.

During the event, a special book titled J&K Museums speak: History, Culture and Ethos, authored and edited by Director of the Department, Mohammad Shafi Zahid, was also released.

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