Students of two batches crammed in one class room at KU


The University of Kashmir has failed to impress the students of supplementary batch as the students say that their dreams of getting quality education has got a hit owing to irresponsible behaviour of the Varsity planners.

Scores of students told ‘Kashmir Vision’ that the varsity has deceived them as their batches have been combined with the regular students making it impossible for them to get the feel of the class room.

“During our admission process, we were told by varsity authorities that our classes will be taken separately but on ground the situation is different,” students of various departments said.   

“Only in Ist Semester, our classes were held separately. In 2nd Semester our classes were conducted with students of the main batches and for further semesters they are planning to hold our classes jointly which is injustice with us well as the students of the main batches,” they said.     

Supplementary students said they have paid huge amount as their admission fees but are deprived of the quality education.

“We have paid more than Rs 50,000 as our admission fees. But we are not given the treatment that we were expecting from the University,” they said.

“Since our 2nd Semester we have been clubbed and now we are more than 80 students in classes that create a mess in the class,” students said adding in the messed up classroom, we are unable to understand what teachers teach us.  

Students said that they many a times took this issue with the varsity officials. “But it seems that our pleas have fallen on deaf ears” 

Many students termed the move by the university only to generate revenue.

“Leave quality education they have always focused to increase their economy for their own benefits,” they alleged.

A senior professor at the university told ‘Kashmir Vision’ on the condition of anonymity that this is sheer discrimination with the students of supplementary shift.

“If they pay huge amounts, they should get a special treatment from their respective departments,” the professor said. 

The varsity introduced the new shift of students in year 2016 for the same session. The motive was to give the students a chance to choose their favorite course even though they were unable to make it to the main shift. 

Dean Academics Affairs University of Kashmir, Mohammad Ashraf Wani blamed the 2016 unrest for the mess.

“We had to take this decision in an emergency due to the last year’s unrest that broke out in the valley,” the Dean said adding but in future everything will be back on the track.  




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