Politicians decry ban on social media sites

The government’s one-month ban on social media in the Kashmir valley has generated lot of heat with political parties taking the government’s decision to ban social media sites with a pinch of salt.

JKPCC president G A Mir said that the curbing social media is anti-democratic and does not suit the state that has acceded to the world’s largest democracy in the world.

“On the one side, BJP government is claiming to make India digital, and on the other side the party being in alliance with PDP has banned social media which lays their claims bare,” Mir said.

“The ban will incur economic losses to the state as young entrepreneurs in Kashmir were using social media for their business. Now, they are left with no alternative than to shut down their business. Also, travel agencies, hoteliers, students appearing in different competitive exams will face immense difficulties,” Mir said.

“If 1% people in Kashmir were, as per government, anti-social elements why punish 99%?” he added.
National Conference Provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said that ban on social media is repressive measure of the PDP-BJP government.

“Banning social media is one of the repressive measures by the Government. Instead of using such repressive method, government should reach out to the people, and push the centre government to start political dialogue on Kashmir.

“Despite ban on social media, people protested in Kupwara near the army camp, students protested in Pulwama. Who provoked them when there is no social media?” he asked.

The PDP-BJP alliance on Wednesday banned 22 social media networks in the Kashmir valley for initially for a month citing disturbance to peace and harmony in the state.

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