Elections used to consolidate India’s control over Kashmir: Mirwaiz

SRINAGAR: Describing elections in Kashmir as a “sham process” aimed to hoodwink international community, Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq,Friday asked people to boycott the polls, which he said, were aimed only at “consolidating India’s control over Kashmir.”
“The only purpose these elections serve is to consolidate India’s control over Kashmir and to hoodwink the international community by projecting them as peoples verdict in favour of India hence falsely giving them a character of being some kind of a substitute for the right to self-determination guaranteed by the UN to the people of Kashmir,” Mirwaiz said while addressing people in Jamia Masjid here before Fridaycongregations prayers.
Mirwaiz said that “while in every nation across the world, electoral process is the backbone of its democratic setup, as far as Kashmir is concerned, it is a futile exercise which has no value for the people.”
“In fact the whole process of elections in the state is inimical to the very idea of democracy,” Mirwaiz said, adding “A place, where the basic human right, the right to life of the population is trampled upon everyday under the boots of the armed forces, whose presence makes Kashmir the most militarized zone in the world, what good can elections held in such hostile environment bring to the people.”
“While rejecting this farcical exercise, Hurriyat believes that it is best for people to completely stay away from this deceitful process and hence totally reject it,” Mirwaiz said.
Mirwaiz while terming the elections in Kashmir as “a sham process,” said “pro-India political parties are actually representatives of Indian union in Kashmir.”
Flayed the state government for proposed crackdown on activities of pro-freedom camp ahead of polls, Mirwaiz said “The so called champions of democracy have started to crack down on resistance leadership and restrict their political activities.”
“It has exposed their hollow claims to democracy,” Mirwaiz said, while denouncing “these despotic and aggressive policies.”
Commenting on the Elections in India, Mirwaiz said that for the people of Kashmir, change of guard is of no significance, what matters is change of policy viz a viz the issue of Kashmir.
He said Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his tenure asked the people of India to change their traditional mindset and “shed the beaten track” to address the Kashmir issue outside Indian constitution and within the “ambit of humanity” and in this context initiated a dialogue with Pakistan and the leadership of Kashmir.
“Any party which comes to power in India and emulates this outlook, to resolve the Kashmir issue and imitates serious dialog with Pakistan and the leadership of Kashmir will be a welcome step,” Mirwaiz added.