People have rejected lies, hatred, propaganda: Rahul

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday that people rejected lies, hatred and propaganda and gave priority to real issues related to their lives in the first five phases of the Lok Sabha elections.
He urged people to come out in large numbers in the sixth phase of the elections on Saturday and vote for their rights and the future of their families.
Gandhi and his mother, former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, exercised ther franchise at a polling booth in New Delhi.
After casting his vote, Gandhi also posted a picture with Sonia Gandhi, displaying their inked fingers.
“In the first five phases of voting, you have rejected lies, hatred and propaganda and given priority to grassroots issues related to your life,” Gandhi said in a post in Hindi on X.
“Today is the sixth phase of voting and your every vote will ensure that: Recruitment for 30 lakh vacant government posts and first job guarantee scheme of Rs 1 lakh per year is started for the youth. Rs 8,500 per month starts coming into the accounts of women from poor families. Farmers are debt free and they get the right MSP on their crops. Labourers get a daily wage of Rs 400,” he said.
“Your vote will not only improve your life but also protect democracy and the Constitution,” he said.
Gandhi said he and his mother contributed to this great festival of democracy by voting.
“All of you should also come out of your homes in large numbers, vote for your rights and the future of your family,” he said.

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