BJP’s horse-trading tarnishes Himachal’s culture, alleges CM Sukhu

SHIMLA: During an election gathering at Patta Barauri in Kasauli assembly constituency of Himachal Pradesh on Sunday, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu asserted that the BJP has tarnished Himachal Pradesh’s culture by engaging in horse-trading.

He emphasized the responsibility of the state’s voters to unequivocally reject this kind of political manoeuvring. “If we don’t take a stand against the politics of horse-trading now, it will persist in the future,” he cautioned.

Sukhu highlighted the Congress party’s reliance on manpower rather than financial resources, framing the upcoming election as crucial for safeguarding democracy.

“The voters will hold the BJP accountable for manipulating a Rajya Sabha seat and will favour Congress candidates across all four Lok Sabha seats,” he declared.

Regarding the BJP’s alleged attempts to buy votes, Sukhu urged the voters to remain steadfast. “Accept their money but cast your vote only for the Congress Party candidate,” he advised.

The Chief Minister condemned those who betrayed public trust and toyed with sentiments, referring to defected MLAs who absconded from the state for a month.

“These turncoat MLAs anticipated ministerial positions, but instead faced cancellation of their assembly memberships, without respite from the Supreme Court,” Sukhu remarked.

He highlighted the unprecedented situation of independent MLAs resigning, protesting, and resorting to legal action. Undeterred by political machinations, Sukhu affirmed his commitment to serving as a representative of the common people.

Accrediting his government’s policies, Sukhu claimed a substantial boost in the state’s economy, with additional revenue of Rs 2,200 crore.

He outlined various welfare measures, including pension for women, housing assistance for widows, healthcare for the elderly, and increased wages under MNREGA.

Sukhu criticized Himachal BJP leaders for obstructing the recovery of Rs 9,000 crore in NPS funds from the Centre and accused them of neglecting disaster-affected families.

He contrasted this with his government’s proactive response and financial support to the affected populace.

Taking aim at Shimla BJP MP Suresh Kashyap, Sukhu accused him of failing to advocate for disaster relief funds. He called for holding Kashyap accountable for his alleged negligence during times of crisis.

Present at the gathering were Congress candidates Vinod Sultanpuri for Shimla Lok Sabha seat, Vikramaditya Singh for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi, District Solan Congress President Shiv Kumar Sharma, and other party officials.


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