Srinagar: Infiltration from across the border in Jammu and Kashmir remains a challenge for the forces, but the security situation is under control, Director General of Police R R Swain said on Tuesday.
“The situation here is completely under control, there is no problem, but some selected people from outside are trying to spoil the situation here,” Swain told reporters on the sidelines of a Public Grievances Redressal Programme at Awantipora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
“Some people are infiltrating and trying to make target killings apart from worsening the situation here, which is a challenge for us and their number is less, but there is a good security arrangement and there is no problem of any kind.”
The DGP said cross-border infiltration is a challenge for the security forces.
“Yes, it is a challenge for us that a few terrorists are coming in from outside. They are infiltrating and then along with some people here, they try to vitiate the atmosphere. It is a challenge – one which we see with a different perspective.
“We see it the way that our own boys are not joining them, or a smaller number of them are. A few people can be with them, but a majority of the public is not. We keep that in mind when we say that we have control over the security (situation),” Swain added.
Asked about targeted attacks in the J&K, the police chief said “about 90 per cent of the root and origin of the problem is outside”.
“A person sitting outside, not from Jammu and Kashmir, a Pakistani comes here somehow whether by infiltrating or digging up tunnels, and then fights us. It is a challenge. Though their numbers are now less, this is a challenge.
“The cross-border infiltration is a challenge in Poonch-Rajouri and to some extent here as well. We will be able to control it when the atmosphere improves gradually and we are hopeful that the people themselves will hand them over to us,” he said.
It was the DGP’s first Public Grievances Redressal Programme in south Kashmir. He has addressed such programmes in north Kashmir’s Kupwara and Srinagar, apart from Jammu region.
A large number of people turned up for the programme with different kinds of grievances like robbery, domestic violence, and land disputes.
“There are numerous issues, including various types of cheating, domestic violence, land disputes, and a wide range of problems that do not solely pertain to the police. We will make efforts to address and assist with these issues that affect people.”
DDC member Aripal Tral, Manzoor Ahmad, told Kashmir Reader that people have immense trust in DG RR Swain, who he said is actively reaching out to every district in J&K. “Today, a significant number of people came to DPL Awantipora with their problems. People come forward when they have confidence, recognizing the ongoing efforts of the DG Police over the past few weeks. We hope that by approaching DGP RR Swain, our problems will be addressed and resolved.”
He said that nowadays, people in J&K are increasingly connecting with the police, especially the youth, fostering a growing bond between the community and the police. “This unity is strengthening day by day, and currently, the role of the police is crucial for maintaining peace in J&K.”

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