A tribute to my teacher: Prof Dr Fayaz Ahmad Lone has left a legacy – of inspiration – for us

A tribute to my teacher: Prof Dr Fayaz Ahmad Lone has left a legacy – of inspiration – for us

Prof Dr Fayaz Ahmad Lone
From Batergam, Kupwara
Principal, GDC Women Kupwara
Expertise: Biology (Cytogenetics, Cytotaxonomy, Reproductive Biology)

As the year draws to a close, it marks the end of an extraordinary thirty-year career. On December 31, students and teachers join together to bid farewell to the revered Principal, Prof Dr Fayaz Ahmad Lone, whose indelible mark on countless lives is celebrated in this retrospective tribute.
Prof Fayaz’s journey, a narrative as timeless as it is refreshing, began as a teacher, evolving seamlessly into transformative leadership. His dedication and resilience, evident in every role he undertook, resonated through highs and lows, dusks and dawns. Serving in various colleges, including GDC Kupwara, GDC Handwara, GDC Tangdar, GDC Baramulla, and GDC Women Kupwara, he left an enduring legacy in each institution.
What sets Prof Fayaz apart is not only his exceptional knowledge but his unwavering commitment to teaching. As he transitioned into administrative roles, he retained the heart of a teacher, continually imparting knowledge with passion. His belief that teaching extends beyond classrooms became a guiding principle, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to be in his academic orbit.
A master orator, Prof Fayaz’s speeches transcended ordinary rhetoric. Whether at events, seminars, or even brief welcome notes, his words became transformative experiences, a symphony of wisdom resonating with students and teachers alike. His broad vision, addressing nuanced details often overlooked, showcased a profound understanding of life beyond textbooks.
One of his standout achievements was the transformation of GDC Women Kupwara. Under his leadership, the institution evolved into a symbol of learning, complete with a new building and state-of-the-art resources. Prof Fayaz’s impact reached beyond infrastructure, influencing the very ethos of the college and earning it NAAC accreditation.
What truly distinguishes Prof Fayaz is his liberal approach to education. In a society clouded by gender bias, he created an inclusive environment where distinctions dissolved, encouraging every student to learn. His advocacy for girls in sports and meticulous attention to detail exemplified his commitment to fostering an environment where all students could thrive.
Beyond leadership, Prof Fayaz’s humanity shone through. His willingness to perform manual tasks without shame exemplified not only great leadership but exceptional humility. His strictness was tempered with understanding and empathy, creating an atmosphere that nurtured personal and academic growth.
For Shafiya Showkat, Prof Fayaz was more than an administrator; he was a life-changer. His encouragement, respect for her art, and profound impact on her personal growth stand as a testament to his influence. As one journey ends and another begins for Prof Fayaz, the hope is that he enjoys the fruits of a life dedicated to others, confident that his legacy of teaching and inspiration will endure.
Prof Dr Fayaz Ahmad Lone’s thirty-year journey is replete with dedication, resilience and transformative leadership. His impact on education, evident in the institutions he served and the lives he touched, leaves an enduring legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

The writer is a student at Government Degree College (Women) Kupwara and can be reached at [email protected]

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