Srinagar: In a praiseworthy effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir (SKUAST-K) partnered with the Cancer Society of Kashmir organized a comprehensive one-day breast cancer awareness program.
The event held at SKUAST-K, Shalimar campus, brought together a strong gathering of five hundred female students, faculty members and non-teaching staff from various faculties of SKUAST-Kashmir.
The day began with a warm welcome to the participants by Prof. S. A. Wani, Dean, Faculty of Horticulture. The inaugural address was delivered by Prof. Nazir. A Ganai, Vice Chancellor of SKUAST-K, who highlighted the significance of such initiatives in promoting health awareness and well-being in the community.
Prof. Ganai praised the organizing committee for their dedication and hard work in making the event a success. He emphasized the university’s commitment to promote awareness and education about crucial health issues like breast cancer, expressing gratitude to all those involved in the initiative. October pink speakers graced the event, sharing their expertise and knowledge on various aspects of breast cancer.
Dr. Tariq Abdullah Khawar provided an insightful introduction to the awareness program, emphasizing its importance in the context of breast cancer prevention and early detection. Prof. (Dr.) M Maqbool Lone presented an overview of cancers and discredited common myths surrounding breast cancer, empowering participants with accurate information.
Prof. (Dr.) Shahida Nasreen discussed the risk factors associated with breast cancer, emphasizing prevention strategies. Prof. (Dr.) Nissar Ahmad Wani passionately addressed the critical topic of early diagnosis and prompt treatment of breast cancer, underscoring the significance of timely medical intervention. Prof. (Dr.) Shaqul Qamar provided valuable insights into the screening methods for breast cancer, urging participants to prioritize regular check-ups.
A special focus was given to the importance of Breast Self-Examination, a vital practice in early detection, elucidated by the experts. The event concluded with a gracious vote of thanks presented by Prof. Shaheen Gul, acknowledging the collective efforts of the organizing committee and expressing gratitude to the participants and esteemed speakers.


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