Modi govt using Army ‘politically’ for elections, alleges Kharge

New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge Tuesday accused the government of using the Army “politically” for elections and claimed the ruling party has hurt its dignity by “capitalising on the popularity of soldiers”.
He claimed the Narendra Modi government has asked the Army to set up selfie points across the country where its schemes will be promoted instead of the bravery of soldiers.
“By capitalising on the popularity of the brave soldiers of our Indian Army who protect the nation, Modi ji is promoting himself. By politically using the army for elections, the Modi government has done something which has never happened in the last 75 years,” Kharge alleged in a post in Hindi on X.
The Modi government has asked the Army to set up 822 selfie points across the country to promote government schemes. There, instead of the story of the bravery of the soldiers, “there is an idol-like image of Prime Minister Modi and praises of his schemes”, the Congress president alleged in the post.
“The Indian National Congress is extremely proud of the bravery and sacrifice of the Indian Army. The BJP, which gives lessons of nationalism, has hurt the dignity of the Indian Army,” Kharge claimed.

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