Flood situation in Assam critical

Nagaon: A road is damaged due to floods after heavy rainfall at a village, in the Nagaon District of Assam on Friday. (ANI Photo)
The current surge of floods has affected about 45,000 residents in the Morigaon region of Assam, the flood situation there is still bad.
The deluge has impacted at least 105 settlements in the district.
In the Morigaon district, more than 3,059 hectares of cropland have been flooded by floodwaters.
Since the flood waters flooded their homes, many residents have built makeshift huts on the sides of the roads for shelter.
”Brahmaputra’s water level is rising, and floodwaters have flooded our home. The flooding has had an impact on about 100 families in this neighborhood. Earlier, our house and everything else had been sucked up by the Brahmaputra. Now our old house is in the midst of the river. We are completely lost,” Premchand Mandal stated.
Another Kachasila resident, Birbal Mandal, claimed that after losing his house and land to Brahmaputra river erosion the previous year, his property had once again been ruined by a terrible flood.
“Last year, river erosion caused me to lose my house and land. We are currently having problems as a result of the flood. Currently residing on this embankment is our 7-member family. My crops and vegetables were also harmed by the water. Many of the local villages, including Teteliguri, Kachaghula, Murkata, Jaljali, and Puthimari, were once submerged by the river,” Mandal said.
On the other hand, Assam’s overall flood situation is still grim because the flooding has affected over 3.41 lakh people across 22 districts. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) reports that 818 villages in 52 revenue circles have been damaged, and floodwaters have covered roughly 22,000 hectares of cropland.
In the impacted areas, the district administration has established 153 relief camps and distribution centres.
According to Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora, the state government will offer every assistance to the affected farmers.

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