3-day Cultural Kaarvaan-Virasat 2023 begins at Tagore Hall

Srinagar: A three-day Cultural Kaarvaan-Virasat 2023 was inaugurated on Saturday at Tagore Hall here. The event is being organized by Jashn-e-Adab in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.This cultural spectacle aims to encapsulate the essence of the profound heritage enshrined within Hindustani literature, art, and culture.
Over the course of the next three days, attendees will be treated to an array of captivating events, including engaging conversational sessions, the rhythmic harmony of Kavi Sammelan, and the soul-stirring verses of Mushaira, brought to life by eminent poets hailing from every corner of the nation.
In his address, the revered Padma Shri Prof Ashok Chakradhar, an illustrious poet and author, underscored the enduring power of language that springs forth from the depths of human hearts. He eloquently expressed that when poetry thrives, language thrives, and in its absence, language languishes into oblivion, a slow and natural demise.
Secretary Culture & Tourism, Syed Abid Rashid Shah, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the paramount responsibility entrusted upon the shoulders of the youth to safeguard the flame of cultural legacy. He articulated that the tapestry of art and literature mirrors the zeitgeist of its era. Should people falter to evolve with changing times, the very fabric of language and literature may inevitably fray, he added.
Urdu Poet and Founder of Jashn-e-Adab Foundation, Kunwar Ranjeet Chauhan, hailed the eternal vibrancy of Hindustani art, culture, and literature. He extolled the therapeutic balm that these artistic expressions offer in the midst of today’s frenetic world.
The digital age, he affirmed, has ushered in a renewed interest among the youth to explore the riches of Hindi and Urdu, effectively bridging the gap between timeless art and modern platforms. This resurgent fascination is propelling Hindustani art towards mainstream prominence.

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