Longing for government jobs is no longer worthwhile because it’s very rare to get a job

We have one common concern, and that is we see no other way to succeed apart from govt jobs. If you are working as a private employee or even an employer, it’s still hard for you to get respect or get married, as private jobs are less valued here. It’s not only in Kashmir, but the whole of India has the same problem of taking private jobs next to nothing.
This is the reason for the unemployment crisis in our country. How many jobs will the government provide? Aren’t we placing a burden on the authority? I often observe that thousands of people apply for government jobs, but unfortunately only a few of them successfully apply because the requirement of candidates that the government needs is so lower than the candidates who require a job. This can also be one of the reasons why we are still in the developing process but not developed. We shouldn’t underestimate private employees and employers. In fact, they play a pivotal role in increasing the GDP of our country. Do you know anything about Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Adani, Amman Gupta or even Ashneer Grover? Let me tell you that they are not working in any of the Government offices but in their offices! They have started their own business rather than being dependent on the government.
Then why still, we don’t value private jobs and try to prevent our kids from applying? Is this even diplomatic? One more thing that I have observed so far and that is “Businessmen and those who work as private employees cannot get married”. Yes, this is true! How insane is that? This weak mentality needs to be eliminated; otherwise, it’s going to drown our boat.
If a student confesses that he wants to build his own company and start a business, then his parents will scold him and will ask him to study so damn hard so that he can get a highly-paid government job, that’s for certain! We are in shackles of primitiveness, and these shackles need to be crushed. Have the ability to get any job, but never try to be a slave to someone. I would never wish to burn the midnight oil only to become a slave of the government or only to become a burden on the government’s shoulders. Just in case you don’t know the benefits of private jobs, here I’m mentioning them:
Foremost I will mention that the only motive to get a job is to get paid or in other words the main motive of people behind getting a job is to earn more and more money and for that private jobs are better as they offer higher salaries. There is more flexibility, private jobs provide opportunities for career growth. Almost every company provides the best working atmosphere with highly efficient and advanced tools. In the private sector, a person learns new things every passing day rather than doing the same thing in the same cubicle. You can even work from home with less workload and more promotions, bonuses and all that. Still, many families live in a dilemma about whether their children go to private-sector jobs or government jobs.
The reason for saying all this is not to make differences between private and government jobs, my main objective is to tell you that don’t be dependent on anyone, stand on your feet and overcome your hindrances in life.
I have been watching Shark Tank India lately, which makes me realize that there is something great beyond what I was thinking. Watching the start-ups there getting offers (pitching) motivates me to a great extent. More than that, I have begun to understand Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, etc. I would love to recommend that you must watch and let your children watch the show. It’s worth it. In Shark tank India, many young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs share their ideas and believe me some ideas are so tempting that I feel like our country will no longer remain a developing country but developed. Kashmir needs to watch it and learn from it. We have many lifestyle vloggers, singers, food bloggers, roasters, comedians, etc., but they are not going to take Kashmir onto the right and successful path. We have a very less number of businessmen, we need startups and brands, made-in-Kashmir products. Furthermore, we require entrepreneurs and sharks.
If you encounter any issues with Shark tank India, then there is an alternative and that is BBC Dragon’s Den. There are very positive dragons sharing their point of view with entrepreneurs. I’m not promoting the shows but trying to make a point and trying to tell Kashmir that we need to learn the business. We need to do something great.
Everyone consumes Tata salt in India, but here is what you can learn from it. Before people were also consuming salt, but there were no brands of it, but then The great minds sold the same salt without doing anything exceptional, I mean they collected the same salt packed in wrappers on which they kept their brand’s logo and name then sold the salt and so did Sir Ratan Tata. He literally built a gigantic company of salt and if he can, then we can’t? Dear students, observe the problems in your society and find solutions, sell those solutions and inspire everyone.
In schools, they don’t teach us business and marketing-related stuff, so parents need to teach their kids the basics of it. Your children can earn enough to meet their everyday expenses only if you teach them the basics of blogging, affiliate marketing, Network Marketing, content writing, crypto, entrepreneurship, retailing, and selling. In a nutshell, teach them the value of self-dependence, and teach them business. Don’t teach them to become slaves of the government or slaves of someone. Shark tank India is going to encourage your children. Besides generating income while remaining independent, your children will develop a habit to find solutions to the concerns in society.
In conclusion, I would love to congratulate and thank FastBeetle as they broke the shackles and inspired the Kashmiri youth. Now I hope we will see more startups of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the future. Kashmir will change. Kashmir will learn business, and Kashmiri youth will be independent in matters of income.

Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi is a columnist and a YouTuber from district Ganderbal. Feedback at [email protected]

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