AAP-BJP verbal spat over Delhi education model

New Delhi: A verbal spat broke out between BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia and AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj on Wednesday over the Delhi government’s education model.
Bhatia said he visited a Delhi government-run school in Greater Kailash on being asked to do so by the AAP MLA.
He alleged that Bhardwaj “failed to provide the list” of 500 new schools. However, the AAP MLA responded saying the BJP spokesperson “refused” to visit schools that have been newly constructed by the Delhi government.
“The AAP MLA had asked me to visit Kautilya School on Wednesday and said that he would provide the list of 500 new schools. However, after I visited the location, the AAP MLA failed to show the list,” Bhatia alleged.
Taking to Twitter, Bhatia futher challenged the AAP government to make the list of 500 new schools public.
“Arvind Kejriwal, please make the list of 500 new schools public. The world should know whether these schools exist or not. They had promised it in their election manifesto,” Bhatia wrote.
Countering the allegations, Bhardwaj said, “Bhatia visited one of the government schools in Greater Kailash but didn’t enter the premises and left. We further requested him to visit another government school which is still under construction. Gaurav Bhatia reached the location but left without even taking a look at the building. The AAP was ready to show all new 500 schools in Delhi but then, he asked just to provide the list,” the AAP MLA claimed. —PTI

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