Doctors perform second rare ‘En Caul’ surgery at DH Budgam

Srinagar,: Doctors at DH Budgam today performed the second ‘En Caul birth’ procedure, an extremely rare delivery and it is the second such procedure to take place in Kashmir.
It was the second case of En Caul birth in the valley at full-term pregnancy 40 weeks with baby weight 3.3 kg was performed at the Budgam Hospital on May 09.
It was performed by gynecologist Dr Sanjeed Kawoosa and team comprising of Dr Ghazalla Anesthetist, Ab Aziz Anaesthesia Technician, Syed Jehangir OT Technician.
Pertinently, the first En Caul birth was delivered by LSCS on 9-11-2021 by same Gynecologist Dr Sanjeed Kawoosa at the same hospital.
Spokesperson Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mir Mushtaq said both mother and baby are doing well with no postpartum complications as otherwise reported in such cases.
“The births are so rare because the sac usually bursts when the baby is about to be born and this even happens when women opt for or have to have a caesarian,” he said.
It was an En-Caul birth also known as Mermaid /veiled birth, this rare thing of beauty happens in less than one in 80,000 births. Dr Mohd Ayoub Fatehkhan appreciated and congratulated the whole team for their expertise and surgical technique.
Experts say such births pose no risks to the newborn. In fact, they can be beneficial, as the intact sac can protect the baby against possible trauma or abrasions during delivery.
Although these cases are rare this is the second one to have taken place in a government hospital in Kashmir and it is a major push to the valley’s rural health care.
Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather has appreciated the good work done by the team of doctors and complimented them for performing this rare surgery feat with no complications.
“Immense amount of talent pool is available with the health department to excel and contribute in challenging conditions,” he said.
The En Caul birth is rare where a baby is born still inside an intact amniotic sac. The sac balloons out at birth, with the child remaining inside of the unbroken or partially broken membrane.
The amniotic sac is a thin, fluid-filled sac that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. This helps protect the fetus from injury and helps regulate temperature so they can stay warm. The baby sits inside this sac, growing and developing as the pregnancy progresses. Typically, when you’re about to go into labor your amniotic sac bursts.


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