JTFRP holds training programme on latest flood forecasting methods

SRINAGAR: A four -Day training programme organized by the Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project (JTFRP) on the theme of “Latest Flood Forecasting Methods and its Application in Integrated Forecast System” for the engineers of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department concluded here at I&FC Guest House Rammunshi Bagh Srinagar.
The 4-Day comprehensive training programme for the engineers of the I&FC Dept was organized with an objective to build the capacities of the functionaries of the department in the highly specialized technical realms of the flood mitigation methods of Flood modeling using the various hydrological & hydraulic models which are the scientific approaches used as one of critical tools in the Integrated Forecasting System.
The training was conducted for the capacity building of the mid-level managers of I&FC Dept. under the component of Strengthening of Disaster Management Capacity of the World Bank funded JTFRP (Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project)
During the 4-day training programme which was attended by more than 30 engineers of the I&FC ,Dept. Kashmir, hands on training was imparted to participants on the use of various latest software’s used in many advanced countries across the globe for the timely forecasting of floods. The training module would enable the engineers of the Dept. to perform in a more efficient manner as frontline workers for the flood mitigation measures.
“During the course of workshop experts in the field updated our knowledge on the latest flood forecasting software which if adopted would be crucial to the timely forecasting of floods” said one of engineers who participated in the programme.
Similar training programme for the engineers of I&FC, Department , Jammu is scheduled be held at Winter capital very soon.
The building the resilience to natural disasters is one of the core objectives of the Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project funded by the World Bank and as part of the project to strengthen the Disaster Management capacity of various core agencies several latest relief & rescue equipment’s, underwater cameras , inflatable rubber boats, emergency lighting towers, portable gensets, mobile snow cutters, portable dewatering pumps etc have been already provided to SDRF while as Quick Response fire tenders , medium weight Quick response vehicles, Regular fire tenders and other fire fighting equipments like Hydraulic spreaders, cutter/combi tools, Hydraulic jacks, fire proximity suits, water jet blankets etc to have been provided to the Fire & Emergency Dept under the project .
Further to strengthen the flood forecasting infrastructure in J&K various high end Hydrometrological equipment’s like automatic water level radars, water velocity radar sensors, acoustic Doppler current profilers, automatic weather stations, automatic rain and snow gauges are also being procured under the project.


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