2-week refresher course on science concludes at KU

SRINAGAR: Scientific discoveries, innovations made human life easier, comfortable: Dr Ahangar
Srinagar: The two-week refresher course in science for university and college teachers concluded at the University of Kashmir on Friday.
Vice-Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad had inaugurated the refresher course for university and college teachers on January 2.
Director SKIMS and Ex-Officio Secretary to Government Dr A G Ahangar was the chief guest at the valedictory session.
In his presidential address, Dr Ahangar said that evolution of science and the continued developments, advancements, innovations and interventions thereof have made a great difference to the mankind, especially in making the human life on planet Earth easier and comfortable.
“The medical science itself has helped save millions of human lives. We might have never thought of implications of a molecule like Oxygen, but as we sail through this pandemic today, we can see how important it is for sustenance of human life. That’s what scientific discoveries and innovations have done,” he said.
He said that while the world has seen the worst of the Covid pandemic, it’s the science which has made all the difference again.
“The Covid-19 threatened the whole world, but we have been able to conquer it today with the sheer applicability of science. Today, we are close to e-launching of Covid-19 vaccine by Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow (January 16, 2021). With all the scientific knowledge and technology around, it has been possible to make this vaccine available within a year,” he said.
Urging right applicability of science, he said: “The more we adopt science, the more we live through it, the more we speak of it, the better the human life would be. Science has all the advantages, but there is a potential for its misuse as well with the mischievous utilisation of its benefits. It is therefore important for human beings to explore as much as they can. And that exploration is science,” he said.
Dean of Colleges at KU Prof G M Sangmi, who was a guest of honour, said it’s important for young scientists to ensure that science resolves problems that mankind is faced up with.
“Young scientists need to see that while contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge, the interdisciplinary understanding of issues is taken care of, particularly how such advancements could impact the human life,” he said.
In-charge Director HRDC Prof Mushtaq A Darzi said the refresher course was planned to enable university and college teachers to get acquainted with the emerging challenges in science education and research.
“HRDC is a platform for teachers to learn from the expertise of top academics and researchers to eventually take that learning into the classrooms for the benefit of students,” he said.
Course Coordinator and Coordinator HRDC Dr Geer Mohammad Ishaq said the refresher course continued unhindered despite disruptions caused by the recent snowfall, slow internet and winter chill, with the sole objective of enhancing the knowledge, skill, competencies and technical knowhow of the participants in critical areas of modern science and technology.
“76 college and university teachers from within and outside J&K participated in the two-week course during which 24 lead lectures were delivered by renowned resource persons, while 76 participant presentations were made,” he said.
Many participants including Dr Showket Subhan, Dr Mubashir Jeelani, Dr Firdous Itoo, Dr Bilal Ahmad Mir, Dr Junaid Lateef Shah, Dr Syed Mir and Dr Manzoor A Mir spoke at the valedictory session and hailed the HRDC for meticulously organising the refresher course, and for selecting renowned speakers and choosing important topics for discussion.

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