Do not delay treatment in bladder related issues: Dr. Aashaq Hussain Bhat

Srinagar: Commemorating bladder awareness month, city based urologists say that have not seen a significant jump in number of patients with complicated bladder related ailments as in other regions are reporting. Informs Dr Aashaq Hussain Bhat, Urologist, IBN Seena Hospital, Budgam, “Despite the lockdown due to covid19, our patients especially those with emergency situations continued to visit their hospitals and have availed treatment. As our hospitals had taken all precautions and had adopted all hygienic practices to ensure that their patient does not get infected of corona virus”
Patients who needed only medical help for bladder related issues were prescribed medicines and advised lifestyle changes in terms of diet and exercise by their urologists who extended their help by offering online consultations during the lockdown. Informs Dr Aashaq Hussain Bhat, “Delaying simple surgeries like kidney stone removal could lead to major issues in the long run. Delaying treatment is not the right option.” While in men, urinary retention has been the commonest problem in the lockdown period, women had complaints of urinary tract infections.
Deliberately delaying a surgery with an apprehension of getting infected with coronavirus is not the right decision. Doctors say that patients should consult their doctors who will advise them the further course of action. Not every disease needs a surgery for its treatment nor does the doctor would push you to get a surgery done. Urologists are only performing emergency cases in those patients where surgical intervention is the only option left with them for saving the life of the patient. Whether to wait, and for how long, it depends on the diagnosis of your treating doctor.  Your doctor will weigh the risks against the benefits when deciding whether you should get a surgery done or not.

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