Director Information mentors students at WC Srinagar

SRINAGAR: Director Information and Public Relations, Dr Sehrish Asgar, today gave a Mentorship speech at Government College for Women, M.A Road, Srinagar.
The Mentorship session was organized by the Women Study Center of the college for female students aimed to help and guide them understand how to pursue their career by adopting a structured approach to it.
A detailed PowerPoint Presentation on the essential elements was given by Dr. Sehrish Asgar for successfully achieving career goals. She enlightened the students about various hurdles that shall be overcome including stereotypes, traditional mentality, self-doubt, competition and weakness.
While encouraging and motivating participants to adhere to individual career goals, she said, ‘whatever you want to achieve, you can do it by putting self-doubt aside’ as women are equally capable of achieving heights in their life.
She shared details of changing roles of women including dual-responsibility, financial independence, confident personality & changing family structure. She said that women have undone many traditional stereotypes and touched every profession.
To overcome the challenges while aspiring an ambition, Dr Sehrish detailed the modalities and the structured approach to be adopted by aspirants. She said that career aspirants should develop a positive attitude, interest and personality. She added that selection of role model is imperative to be focused and keeping self motivated.
While sharing the story of her successful life, Dr Sehrish said that she had envisioned to persue Civil Service at the early stage of education. ‘It was perseverance, dedication, focus, self-belief and hardwork’ that kept her holding to the goal.
Meanwhile, Dr Sehrish as a mentor elaborated the road map to students for adhering to aims and materializing dreams. The elements she discussed in detail included – Define your goals, Plan & Replan, Hardwork, Learn from Mistakes, Consistency & Patience, Humility and Keep Learning. She encouraged participants to break inertia and begin momentum of work. She said that taking an initiative is the primary requisition for success.
She also spelled out guiding principles to follow dreams like Self-belief, Motivation, Action, Discipline, Try again and Hard and Smart work.
During the session, students coming from different educational backgrounds, posed questions to Dr Sehrish regarding women empowerment, role of women in society, social crises, stereotypes and other aspects.
The Mentorship Session was attended by Principal, staff members and students from various college of the Srinagar.

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