EJAC calls for immediate release of salary to Forest Corporation Employees

Srinagar: Employees Joint Action Committee on Thursday held an emergency meeting calling for immediate release of pending salaries of Forest Corporation Employees.
The meeting that was held under the chairmanship of its President, Fayaz Ah. Shabnam in Srinagar discussed various issues faced by the Forest Corporation Employees.
As per the statement given by the President EJAC Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam,he said that the employees of the Forest Corporation have been deprived of their salaries for the past the past three months. He said that although they have been continuously appealing the concerned authorities in this regard but till now the salaries have not been released due to which the employees on the verge of begging and starvation.
He said that the government should have taken all the things in consideration before repealing Forest Corporation Act, 1978 but with a stroke of pen the said act have been repealed wef 01-04-2020 without any job security to the employees of the corporation with the result the employees have become a scapegoat and are facing hardships during lockdown.
Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam said that the employees of the Forest Corporation are one the main components of JK. While expressing his concern regarding this matter, he urged the JK govt to give the employees of the Forest Corporation the status of Government Lumbering Undertaking which will help in preserving their job and other privileges.

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