Doctors’ body urge govt to screen travellers entering Kashmir

Suggests for suspending tourism, sports activities

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Saturday appealed the government to focus on screening of travellers at airports and railway stations and training medical teams to combat the novel Coronavirus, president DAK Dr Suhail Naik said that they are in touch with global health experts and it is important to recognize that COVID-19 is a new and concerning disease, but still outbreaks can be managed with the right response.
“The government should screen all the visitors coming to Kashmir at airports, railway stations and on Srinagar-Jammu highway,” he said.
Dr Naik said in order to fight the COVID-19 that has affected people in many countries, the government should suspend tourism till temperatures increase and the pandemic will come to halt.
He said sports activities and conferences should be suspended to save the asymptomatic population adding that morning prayers in schools should also be restricted.
He said in light of knowledge gained from Wuhan in China on the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical measures against COVID-19, like rapid detection, large scale case isolation and quarantine of contacts, the spread of virus can be contained.
The DAK said that there has been a severe disruption to the global supply of personal protective gear. It demands for masks and sanitizers.
The DAK said that the government should focus on trainings and workshops for dedicated medical teams in all districts.
“There should be separate respiratory OPDs in all the hospitals. We advise people to not to visit hospitals for mild ailments or unnecessarily with patients,” DAK said.
The DAK also requested both government and private schools to make available ample water taps and soaps for hand washing as a precautionary measure.
“We appeal parents to provide handkerchief or tissue papers to their kids. People should also restrict shaking hands or hug until the coronavirus is curtailed,” DAK said.
It said that people must understand that they can even use their handkerchief to cover mouth and nose appealing people to use their handerkerchief and don’t panic.

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