Youth accused of braid chopping caught in Mazhama

The residents of Mazhama area of Budgam on Tuesday caught hold of a youth who was moving ‘suspiciously’ in the village.

The youth, according to reports, tried to flee after people, taking him for a braid chopper, chased him in Mazhama. Witness said that the accused was caught with a pair of scissors and some powder.

 “He was nabbed from a cowshed where he tried to hide after being chased by the villagers,” said a police official.

He said the accused person has earlier been arrested for theft charges.

“We are investigating the case,” he said.

Police have so far been clueless about the dozens of hair cutting incidents that are being reported on daily basis from different parts of the Valley.

Earlier today, police doubled the cash reward on information leading to arrest of braid choppers. “Any person with credible information on braid choppers will be awarded Rs 6 lakh,” said an official.

A helpline has also been established so that “people could inform and seek assistance with regard to any braid cutting incident.”

To speed up the investigation process, Special Investigation Teams (SITs) have also been constituted in every district headquarters of the valley.


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