Zakir Musa Vows to Liberate ‘Occupied India’

Gazwat ul Ansar chief in Kashmir Zakir Musa in a statement has warned that it will not rest until it “liberates occupied Hindustan”.

The statement was issued issued through the official media of Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, Al-Hurr telegram channel.

Musa, according to the statement, has appealed to all Muslims to sacrifice their comforts and join the battle to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate.

The statement said, cites the example of Muhammad bin Qasim who once ruled in Sindh with Islamic Sharia.

“The caravan started from Al-Sindh 1400 years (ago). It will not stop until it liberates occupied Hindustan & joins the Army of Eesa(AS) in Shaam,” said the statement.

Incidentally, intelligence sources said that while the statement was indeed issued via Al Hurr media, the official media network of Ghazwat ul Hind, its source could not be verified.

On the eve of Eid ul Adha, Zakir Musa had issued a 10-minute audio message, threatening to “liberate” India from “cow-worshiping” PM and Hindus. He had warned the government against deporting Rohingya Muslims. He had also targetted Pakistan for shutting down terror training camps, and putting mujahideen in jails.

Meanwhile, venting ire against the present Muslim rules, he called them ‘boot lickers’.

“The glorious histories of Islamic Caliphates, the Muslim rulers in the present era have become the boot-lickers of the tyrants,” he said.


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