Rape convict #RamRahimSingh sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment

Rape convict GurmeetRamRahimSingh was awarded a 10-year jail term by a CBI in Panchkula district of Haryana.

An hour before Singh was sentenced in Rohtak, mobile internet was cut off, roads barricaded and armed soldiers manned checkpoints. 37 companies of SSB kept ready for backup in Sirsa.

The judge who pronounced the sentence was flown in a helicopter to the jail premises where Singh was kept after the conviction on Friday.

According to the reports, Singh, who claims to have more than 50 million followers worldwide, request the court to take a lenient view.

Earlier, Defence argued that Singh is a social worker who has worked for welfare of people, so requested the judge to take a lenient view in sentencing.

Meanwhile, Dera chairperson has requested the followers to peacefully abide by the judgment today.

According to the reports, two cars were torched by #DeraSachaSauda supporters in Phoolka area of Haryana’s #Sirsa.

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