Former Chief Minister and working president of National Conference Omar Abdullah today said that the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has made the issue of Article 35-A  a case of Jammu versus Kashmir.

“Surprisingly BJP has made issue of 35A a case of Jammu VS Kashmir. They say it will benefit Kashmir but adversely affect Jammu,” he said.

Abdullah said that no region of the state will benefit from the removal of article 35-A.

“No region of the state will benefit from removal of 35A, I am just correcting propaganda argument of the BJP,” former J&K CM said.

Omar Abdullah said that BJP is asking others to fight the case in court against Article 370 as they have realized that they can’t do it through Parliament.

“BJP said it would scrap Article 370 but realized isn’t possible through the Parliament. They went to Court, asking others to fight the case,” he said.

He said that if BJP succeeds in scrapping Article 35A through Court, our state subject laws will end and people from outside will come & buy plots here, get government jobs, scholarships for their children.

He stated that no one from outside the state would want to buy the land in Kashmir, as it won’t be safe for them.

“Someone who wants to buy land in this state will he do that in Kashmir? Even people residing in Kashmir don’t feel safe there,” he added.

“Take it in writing that before going to Kashmir to buy land & look for jobs they will come to Jammu.”

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