Parle Products launches ‘NaamTohYaadRahega’ campaign

Parle Products has launched an integrated brand campaign that will continue to champion its diverse range of product offerings, especially in the confectionery space. Titled, ‘NaamTohYaadRahega’, the campaign offers a humorous and innovative approach towards addressing fundamental challenges that the company faces as a leading biscuit and confectionery manufacturer.

From battling cheap imitations to providing salience to brands in the confectionery category and educating the consumers about its rebranding exercise for a few brands in the biscuit category,the campaign has a strong message that will help build equity for Parle’s individual brands while strengthening its corporate brand.

 Speaking about the campaign, Krishna Rao, Category Head, Parle Products, said, “Parle originally started as a confectionery manufacturer and today we have grown into one of India’s most loved companies with over 50 brands across our portfolio.

The new campaign is simple and relatable in its idea and combines humour endearingly to bind multiple cluster challenges that we have faced through our journey, under one roof. This campaign is an organic step forward from the recent ‘NaamTohSuna HiHoga’ campaign that we launched earlier this year.”

 Conceptualized by Taproot Denstu, the campaign groups multiple brands into clusters based on the common challenge that each cluster faces and addresses these challenges in a 3-part TVC series. Brands like Mazelo, Londonderry and Cafechino have strong brand propositions but relatively limited awareness among consumers. Conversely, Parle’s heritage brands like Mango Bite, Kaccha Mango Bite, Melody face competition from imitation candies sold by unorganized confectionery players. Within the biscuits category re-branding Bourbon, Jam-in and Milk Sandwich biscuits under the Fab umbrella has been a key challenge.

Pallavi Chakravarti, Executive Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu said, “In the hugely populated confectionery and cream biscuit category, there is no dearth of brands fighting for mind space and shelf space. Given this scenario, we’ve created some new commercials in the same light-hearted vein as the previous campaign. The delivery is fun, the messages, serious business – covering everything from rebranding to taking on duplicates to driving recall.”

The TVCs will be released in eleven languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, and Tamil and will be sustained through a digital campaign.



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