Racket busted in Kalakote, FIR against rumour mongers

An FIR was lodged in Kalakote Police Station against a group of people for spearheading a false campaign by planting unverified and baseless articles in an Urdu newspaper.

The group of people had vested interest in a private land that had to be acquired for a Govt Degree College.

A government teacher was also booked for inflammatory speeches.

The group of people alleged that Govt Degree College, Kalakote had been proposed to be constructed on a graveyard land. To which, the newspaper had reported, last Friday, that a protest has taken place for the construction of the college. However, in reality no such protest happened.

The state government had earlier initiated to acquire a private land at Kalakote for construction of the college. The land that the government was trying to acquire belongs to Jammu and Kashmir Minerals and is its property since the last 50 years. A graveyard exists at least 200 ft away from the proposed land purchased from the PSU.

An amount, to the tune of Rs 96 lakhs, was paid to Jammu and Kashmir Minerals for the transfer of land for the construction of college.

However, some anti-social elements tried to scuttle the construction of the college at the acquired land. They wanted the construction to be shifted to their private land. For which they recently started a propaganda alleging the construction of the college on the graveyard, which in reality is not true.

The 38 kanals land that was acquired for the college comprised 30 kanals land purchased from Jammu and Kashmir Minerals, 7 kanals was state land and nearly 2 kanal was private land.

The graveyard is separate and is not part of the acquired land. A detailed report of this has already been submitted to the state government. It was only after this that the construction of the college was cleared and the dispute related to the graveyard was also cleared.

The aggrieved parties have moved the High Court and a case has been filed. Police have started investigations and arrests of some officials and private persons are likely to be made. The district administration has issued a strict warning to such anti-social elements to refrain from unlawful practices failing which stringent action would be taken.

A Jammu based Urdu newspaper is also being questioned for publishing wrongful and baseless news items related to this issue.

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