Er Rashid condemns police excesses in Anantnag town  

AIP Chief and MLA Langate Er Rashid Sunday condemned the use of force and continuous atrocities on masses and traders in Anantnag town, Er. Rashid, as per the statement has brought the matter to the notice of Chief Secretary seeking “stern action against those who are misusing their authority to curb the rights of masses.”


In a statement, Er Rashid said, “Cops have started reign of terror in the entire Anantnag town and treat themselves beyond accountability. It is most condemning that heavy shelling led to the damage of nearly one dozen shops and other establishments.


“Police in Anantnag Town is always in search of finding excuses to justify its inhuman acts and is deriving pleasure from torturing masses and disgracing the elders of the town,” he added.


Er Rashid, as per the statement has informed the Chief Secretary that “while the whole market is on strike since yesterday, No responsible authority from the govt. has approached the traders to find some amicable solution to the burning issues. Er Rashid urged upon Chief Secretary not to take the trade body of Anantnag and other representatives for granted. Chief Secretary assured Er Rashid of looking into the matter and taking up immediate measures to address their grievances.”

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