PDP reacts sharply to Ganga’s ‘bullets for stone-pelters’ remark

PDP on Thursday reacted sharply to the BJP Minister Chandra Prakash Ganga’s remark that youth throwing stones in Kashmir should be dealt with bullets.

Strongly condemning, what he termed the grossly insensitive remarks, PDP Vice-President, Mohammad Sartaj Madni, said that such disgusting utterances are not only unjustifiable but perilous as well.

“It is unbecoming of a senior Minister in the Government to dish out such a sweeping, sickening and intimidating statement against the Kashmiri youth,” Madni said in a statement issued here today.

Ganga on Wednesday said that Kashmiri’s are “traitors, whether they have come from Pakistan or live here”.

“There is only one remedy for them and that is bullets. And if not bullets, they should be handed over such a punishment like the youth who are beaten with sticks by forces. Take my word that next time they (the youth) won’t throw stones,” Minister is reported to have said in a video clip that went viral.

Madni said the statement of Ganga is also in contravention to the stand of the state Cabinet on the issue which in its meeting held in Jammu on April 18 expressed deep anguish over the loss of lives in the Valley and directed the security agencies to exercise maximum restraint while handling law and order situations to prevent loss of lives.

He said instead of reaching out to the distressed and alienated Kashmiri youth and address their concerns, the hawkish rhetoric of such fringe elements has the danger of further add to the alienation of the people and impeding the government’s efforts of restoring peace and calm in the Valley.

“Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had entered into an alliance with the BJP only with the objective of bridging the gulf between the people of different regions the State and taking Jammu and Kashmir to new heights of inclusive development and prosperity,” he said and added that unfortunately the unwarranted statements of such fringe elements are negating the basic philosophy of this alliance.

“Instead of bringing the people together, such insidious statements are unfortunately only going to add to the void,” he said and added that a responsible government functionary can’t be seen pitching himself against own people.

“We hope that good sense will prevail and the BJP leadership will take serious note of such uncalled for statement from a senior Minister of the party,” he said and added that instead of provoking the situation in Kashmir, all the right-thinking people should try to find a way out of the present impasse by engaging with all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir.”



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