Fake encounters: The expendable Kashmiri

By Mirza Waheed On January 23, the Indian Army passed a not-guilty ruling in the Pathribal Case of 2000 in which five civilians were executed in Indian-occupied Kashmir by the Indian Army and passed off as dreaded militants. The somewhat resigned silence, even among Kashmiris, over the ruling begs a few essential and profound questions. […]

Pathribal: Force Dictates the Course of Justice

BY CHRISTINE MEHTA Abdul Rasheed is the son of Juma Khan, one of the five Kashmiri villagers killed in the infamous fake encounter at Pathribal in 2000. Beside him sits Shakoor Khan, also the son of one of the victims. “The night they took my father, I was sleeping upstairs. I remember hearing the Army […]

The Jama’at-Geelani Property Row: Confusion or Confrontation? – (II)

BY MUDASIR WANI Two points become clear from the foregoing discussion: that there is a strong connection between Geelani Sahib and the Jama’at in the sense of he having being one of its most prominent members and leaders, and having contested and won elections on its ticket. And, that the Jama’at owns considerable property, which […]

From the Ruins – (II)

BY SAROOP IJAZ To celebrate the culture of Sindh through a festival named the Sindh Festival does not create any provincial divisions; on the contrary, it seems to be the only way that a sustainable national identity can be formed. They would rather have a ‘Pakistan Festival’. Perfectly reasonable, however, identities do not start from the […]

Battle of Tours…Muslim divisiveness lead to reverses in France

Golden Mein: By Dr. Javid Iqbal Just like the French reverses in ‘Battle of Waterloo’ a battle that settled the Anglo-French confrontation with Nelson dealing the decisive blow to Napoleonic ambitions, the Muslim march in Europe was stopped in the ‘Battle of Tours’ decisively, if not ultimately, as other abortive attempts followed. Abdul Rehman al-Ghafeki had made study progress until […]

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