An Open Letter to the Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti

An Open Letter to the Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti

By Aquib Wani Madam Chief Minister, as a common citizen of Rajouri, I would like to inform your good self about the attempts being made at marginalization by using political and administrative influence in Pir Panjal’s Rajouri District. On the 25th of January, 2018, while the Rajouri Administration was busy in finalizing arrangements for Republic […]

An Open Letter to the Education Minister, Mr. Altaf Bukhari

An Open Letter to the Education Minister, Mr. Altaf Bukhari

By Meer Rehmat Dear Sir, With humble respect and regards, I want your esteemed self to listen and feel the pain through which I am going since a very long time. I am working as a Contractual Lecturer in the Higher Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir, the portfolio which is under your supervision. No […]

Climate of impunity

Dear Editor The killing of more than 40 Ismaili Shi’a Muslims in Karachi marks a new low in a campaign of sectarian violence that has left Pakistan’s religious minorities fearing for their lives while extremists in the country operate with impunity. The attack on a bus carrying the Ismailis, claimed by the Jundullah group, highlights […]

Killing Kashmiris

Dear editor The only product that is available with uninterrupted supply in Kashmir is a “martyr”. There were glut of martyrs during the repressive Dogra rule and it continues to be so after the dubious accession of the state with the republic of India. The supply of martyrs in Kashmir is unconditional. No matter who […]

Make doctor’s negligence unpardonable offence

Dear Editor The space and coverage given to the deaths of two pregnant ladies shows that the editorial team of Kashmir Reader has a humane heart. By making it lead news, Reader has shown that having heart at the right place is more important. Otherwise such stories in our Valley often get buried in inside […]

Involve youth in activities to prevent crimes

Dear Editor The increasing graph of crimes in Kashmir is alarming. The military occupation for such a long time was bound to inflate the crime graph in Kashmir and now we are witnessing it. Every day we hear some one molested, someone murdered, some caught in drug trafficking and smuggling.   The rate and intensity […]

Fooling the Voters 

Dear Editor Kashmir has been an issue right from the outset and will continue to remain so unless India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris sit together and carve out an amicable solution. Holding of elections in the disputed territory is not going to yield any tangible results. The voters in Kashmir are not conscious that India […]

Stand up against female infanticide

  The sex ratio in Jammu and Kashmir has decreased from 900 to 883 females for each 1000 males since the last census of 2001. The child sex ratio has also declined from 964 to 859 per 1000 males as per the census report of 2011.  Both the ratios are well below the all India […]

Safety in Construction Industry

Dear Editor Construction industry has boomed over the years and safety precautions are basic components for its sustainability. Today one sees big and tall buildings around the city. When one goes to work one can enjoy driving car on the smooth roads. Even two different places can be connected with the use of strong bridges. […]

Profession in Crisis

Dear Editor On January 25, I participated in a function in which the role of teachers was discussed. During the daylong function I came across various views on the role, responsibility and the failure of teachers in building the societal values. The organisers had organised the programme with a purpose to search the causes of […]