Tall claims exposed

Dear editor

Fresh snowfall has yet again exposed the tall claims of the government. Damaged power transmission lines, blockade of Jammu-Srinagar highway, stranded passengers, rule of hoarders, waterlogged streets continue to mock at the administration. An effective drainage system in the times of scientific and developmental age remains a distant dream.

Our land is known across the world for the treasure it possesses. Sublime nature pours blessings in the form of snow which by mis-governance turns out to be a calamity. It is a permanent feature. Almighty may save us from a hurricane type tempest but the administration more often than not spills doom.

Only road link with rest of the world eclipses the connectivity during harsh winters. Hundreds and thousands in struggle of earning their livelihood get killed in the tragic road accidents on the blood thirsty highway. The work on the alternative link has been politicized immensely. The project launched in early 80s may take another decade for completion.

The much hyped Disaster Management wing of Jammu and Kashmir works but on papers only. The Administration almost inched into the hibernation leaving the State at the mercy of crony capitalism without any check. Moreover, the much needed building up of statesmanship is low down on the priority list.

Going down in the annals of history beset with political upheavals brings on screen the mismanagement and uncontrolled leash on corruption. Lack of effective measures hits back on the face of willy nilly policies of the State Government purely runs on life capsules imported from New Delhi.

Unresponsive administration harshly bulldozed the governing system. It has taken a toll on much of the state wealth pricing through the economic ball rolling down from the hillock of the centre uninterruptedly. It is the appropriate  time for getting heads together.

On the optimistic note, down sliding system may mark a paradigm shift if taken out from the tentacles of political cobweb. Transparent, accountable and effective administration is a mantra to lead the state with the heap of hopes and plenty of fortunes exploiting natural wealth for marching on the path of success.


 Zaina Kadal, Srinagar

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