People want me in J&K for dev instead of being in Parliament: Azad

SRINAGAR: Chairman DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday urged the public to be vigilant against misleading slogans and false promises. While addressing the public at the road show in Dooru, Anantnag, he questioned the silence of MPs from regional parties in parliament, particularly regarding the matter of Article 370.
He said, ”Almost all the MPs of two political parties from Kashmir remained silent on Article 370. It was me who stood in parliament and fought for it. While others remained silent, they only exploited people and misled them. They were mum in parliament. I raised almost all major issues in parliament, be it Article 370, CAA NRC, or the lynching of innocents. You have tested those parties, give a chance to my candidate, Adv Saleem Parray; he will raise your issues the way I did.”
Azad reiterated his unwavering commitment to development as the cornerstone of his political agenda. With five decades of dedicated service to the nation, he emphasized the unassailable integrity that has characterized his political journey. In his own words, he asserted, “In my 50 years of politics, no one can question my integrity. I have never taken a single penny from anyone for doing their work.”
Furthermore, he outlined his vision to empower the youth and catalyze the development of Jammu and Kashmir through tangible initiatives. His vision encompasses the establishment of more colleges, roads, schools, universities, and hospitals, aiming to uplift communities and foster progress across the region. “I do not engage in personal attacks or abusive rhetoric,” he affirmed, highlighting his commitment to constructive dialogue and civility in political discourse.
Reflecting on the pressing challenges facing Jammu and Kashmir, the DPAP Chairman disclosed that while his party leaders had proposed his candidacy in parliamentary elections, his conscience led him to a different decision. Witnessing firsthand the grievances of the people, including the lack of basic amenities such as electricity, water, employment opportunities, and infrastructure development, Azad recognized the urgency of addressing these issues at the state level. “The demand of the people is clear – they want genuine progress and development,” Azad affirmed. “Only by focusing our efforts on the state level can we address the pressing needs of our communities and pave the way for a brighter future.”
Azad made the decision to concentrate his efforts on addressing the immediate challenges confronting Jammu and Kashmir. “The transformative policies needed to uplift our communities can only be enacted by forming a government,” he stated.
He further said, “My people want me to focus on Jammu and Kashmir. I can’t resolve the basic issues of development in Parliament; there you can only fight and demand. But here, if we form the government, we can take decisions on our own, we can develop by our own. That’s why I took this decision.” Among others present on the occasion were Adv Saleem Parray candidate, Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami, Shuby Jan secretary and others.

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