If BJP wins 2024, there will be no more elections in country: AAP’s Sanjay Singh

NEW DELHI: Launching a fresh attack on the BJP, senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh on Thursday alleged that if the saffron party wins this election, there will be no more polls in the country.
Referring to elections in Surat, Gujarat, while addressing a press conference here, Singh alleged that the BJP has begun its conspiracy from the place, adding that the nomination papers of candidates of all parties, including the Congress were rejected and the BJP candidate was given the winning certificate even before the elections.
Singh claimed that the same had never happened before in the past, that a ruling party has won without elections.
Sharpening his attack on the ruling dispensation at the Centre, Singh alleged that what happened in Surat is just a glimpse, and claimed that it will be replicated across the nation.
He also alleged that the BJP wanted to stay in power through force and fear.
The AAP leader further alleged that during the past 10 years, the BJP formed its government in many states by force, sometimes by breaking the existing regime and sometimes by force.
He claimed that at some places the MLAs were bought or broken, and at some places the government was brought down by deceit.
“This is the policy of the BJP; they adopt such tricks in regions where they cannot win through elections, ” Singh alleged.
He further urged the people to respond with their votes in a bid ”to protect democracy and the country’s Constitution”.
“This is my appeal to the 140-crore people of the country, this is your last election, after this you will not be given the right to vote. You have seen this yourself; you might have never heard before that the ruling party of the country wins the Lok Sabha elections without voting; it wins without any elections. In Surat, the nomination forms of all the candidates were rejected,” SIngh said.
Singh further claimed that one decision of the Chief Justice of India of the Supreme Court with regard to the Chandigarh Mayor elections, where he alleged that democracy was put at stake, reminded people how the alleged act of manipulating votes was caught on camera in Chandigarh.

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