Congress’ dangerous claws will snatch your rights: Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday came down heavily on the INDI alliance, saying it can go to any extent to snatch the rights of the people.
“The dangerous claws of Congress are going to snatch your rights. A part of OBC and SC reservations will be given to a special vote bank of Congress. The SP knows this but they have chosen to remain silent,” he disclosed.
Modi said that women preserve gold, silver, and household items for their children. Congress and SP have noticed this. “They talk about snatching the mangalsutra. Will any mother or sister allow us to snatch the Mangalsutra? Their intentions are not right. The Yuvraj of the Samajwadi Party has maintained silence on the intentions of Congress,” he alleged.
The Prime Minister was addressing an election meeting at Sainik Maidan in Alampur Jafrabad in the Aonla Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday.
Modi said that the Congress will not let you give your property to your children after your death. “They will impose such a tax on your property that it will be confiscated. If we own four rooms, the Congress and the SP will take over two rooms. They will capture five bighas of 10 bighas of land”.
The Prime Minister said a new slogan has emerged: “Congress’s loot in life as well as after life. This is a matter of concern for all of us, he added.
“Congress wants your property to be X-rayed. Gold, vehicles, houses, and everything that you possess would be surveyed. The Congress wants to give a part of your property to its favorite vote bank,” he alleged.
The PM said that they did not spare Ram alone but also Shyam. Lord Krishna’s Dwarka is under water. “I went under water. Took blessings by touching the stones. But I am surprised that the SP people call themselves Yaduvanshi, yet they also perform aarti for those who insult Shri Krishna,” he remarked.
He said a decade ago, the SP and the Congress people used to say that these BJP people talk big. They not only teased us in the name of Ram temple but also abused us. But we built the temple of Ram Lala with your blessings. Informed them of the date and time and also gave the invitation.
“Arrogance was so much in them that both SP and Congress were invited to Ram temple, but they had rejected it. They thought if they accepted the invitation of the Pran Pratistha, their vote bank would get angry,” he said.
The Prime Minister said Yogi Ji and his team are working hard, leading UP towards new opportunities. Earlier, the mafia used to loot your money but now a sum of Rs 600 crore has been allocated to this region from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. This reflects the priority given to growth.
The Prime Minister stated that women’s power will become more powerful in the coming five years. We will see three crore women becoming Lakhpati Didi. This is Modi’s guarantee.
Modi said the BJP has given houses, tap connections, water, toilets, and gas connections to the people. It also gave free ration so that no one slept hungry. Free treatment was started so that no one has to hide the disease. Now the elderly have also been guaranteed free treatment.
The Prime Minister said that the stronger the foundation, the stronger the house. With this ideology, the BJP is empowering the poor, farmers, youth, and women for a developed India.
Modi said: “Your love is the driving force of my life. It’s especially heartening to see mothers and sisters coming here in large numbers. I am committed to dedicating every moment and every fiber of my being to your service.

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