Man uses wood to build fully functional Tesla cybertruck, Elon Musk replies

New Delhi: By building a wooden replica of a Tesla Cybertruck that is fully functional, a woodworker from Vietnam has accomplished an amazing feat.
A YouTube video demonstrates the painstaking procedure, which begins with a simple metal frame serving as the vehicle’s framework and ends with a body replica of the Cybertruck. It demonstrates how, after 100 days of work, the man drives the wooden prototype. The video was posted with a lengthy message for Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the ND – Woodworking Art YouTube channel.
“I am a passionate content creator with a deep love for wooden vehicles and a tremendous admiration for both you and Tesla. Over the years, I’ve embarked on several wooden car projects to gain valuable experience. And today I launched a car that I am very impressed with, the Cybertruck. It is also the car that many of my audiences love and want me to build,” the YouTuber wrote.
In closing, he asked his followers to assist him in reaching out to Tesla and Elon Musk.
In the video clip, the replica Cybertruck’s metal frames, electric motor, and batteries are hidden by the woodworker using wooden slabs. He adds matching lights as well as an X logo to the side panel. The man and his son are shown riding in his wooden car at the end of the video.
“I am aware that Tesla has faced its share of challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition. However, I maintain unwavering faith in your vision and the capabilities of Tesla. I am confident that this extraordinary vehicle will ultimately succeed. I hope to have the honour of gifting this wooden Cybertruck to you and Tesla,” the YouTuber captioned.
Since it was posted to YouTube a month ago, the video has received over 14,000 likes and over 935,000 views. Additionally, the video elicited multiple responses from YouTubers.


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