Noted litterateur Prof Amin shares valuable tips for error-free English

Srinagar: The Amar Singh College, Srinagar, organized a two-day event centered on the theme “Common Errors Made by Non-Native Speakers of English.” Professor Mohammad Amin, a noted scholar, shared his profound expertise on linguistic nuances on October 9 and 10.
The event attracted an enthralled audience, consisting of enthusiastic faculty members and students from various academic disciplines, all keen to benefit from the valuable insights shared by the distinguished professor.
The engaging sessions, organized by the Department of English, commenced with a warm welcome address by Prof. Shahnawaz Muntazir, the Head of the Department of English.
Prof. Muntazir extended a heartfelt welcome to Prof. Amin and all the participants, setting a spirited tone for the enlightening lectures that followed.
Drawing from his extensive five-decade-long experience, Prof. Amin provided valuable insights into the nuances of language acquisition, underscoring the significance of precise language usage and the development of effective communication skills.
He emphasized the need for regular practice in reading, conversations, and writing to enhance English proficiency while exploring various literary works, listening to native speakers, and receiving feedback.
Additionally, he encouraged embracing mistakes, nurturing curiosity, and maintaining patience, emphasizing that language mastery develops gradually over time.
In his presidential address, Prof. (Dr) Sheikh Aijaz Bashir, the Principal of Amar Singh College and Nodal Principal, Kashmir Division Colleges, hailed the college’s commitment to promoting updated knowledge.
Praising Prof. Amin’s outstanding rapport with students, Prof. Bashir honored him with a prestigious Award of Honor, recognizing his substantial contributions to the education sector.
His presence at the college not only enriched the academic atmosphere but also reinforced the institution’s commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity and promoting scholarly excellence among its students.
Following the presidential address, Prof. Henna Amin, the Dean of Humanities, Languages, and Liberal Arts at Amar Singh College, delivered a special address, emphasizing the importance of organizing such enlightening programs.
She expressed gratitude to the college’s administration for providing a platform that fosters knowledge sharing and intellectual growth among both teachers and students.
The translation of “Atish-e-Chinar” and “Zakhiratul Muluk” into English stands as a significant contribution by Prof. Amin, highlighting his expertise and dedication in bridging literary and cultural gaps through translation.

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