Building Bridges of Harmony: Pampore seminar inspires peace, unity through cross-cultural communication

Need to prepare Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims for rehabilitation and reconstruction in valley: Zareef Ahmad Zareef

Pampore: Government Degree College Pampore’s College Debates and Seminars Committee, in collaboration with the Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation, New Delhi, on Wednesday held a daylong seminar titled ‘Communication Skills for Peaceful Living’ at the college’s conference hall in Pampore, located in the heart of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
The session, moderated by Dr. Iqbal Malik, Programme Coordinator, and facilitated by Dr. Huzaifa Pandit, Member of the Debates Seminars Committee, witnessed active participation from faculty members and students alike. Esteemed speakers, including Sushobha Barve, Executive Secretary of the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, Delhi, Gurmeet Kaur, Former Associate Professor at the College of Education, Srinagar, and Zareef A Zareef, Poet, Historian, and former cultural officer at the Department of Information and Culture, shared their insights on fostering peaceful coexistence through effective communication skills.
The seminar commenced with a warm welcome address by GDC Principal Prof Dr Huda Galzai, who highlighted the pivotal role of effective communication skills in conflict resolution and peaceful living. Prof Galzai emphasized that such initiatives are essential in shaping individuals, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the modern world successfully.
Sushobha Barve, in her talk on ‘Qualities for Living Peacefully,’ stressed the significance of active listening and understanding to foster appropriate responses. She underscored the importance of voice modulation and eye contact in sustaining successful and peaceful communication.
Gurmeet Kaur discussed ‘Communication Skills in the Family,’ emphasizing empathic listening and meaningful conversations within families to prevent conflicts and promote emotional cohesion within the family unit.
Zareef Ahmad Zareef delved into ‘Qualities for Living Peacefully,’ focusing on virtues like empathy, sympathy, patience, and tolerance for diverse viewpoints. He highlighted Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage, emphasizing the vibrant communication that was once a hallmark of the region.
The session concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Pervaiz Ahmad, Head of the Department of Urdu, expressing gratitude to the speakers, organizers, and attendees for their active participation and valuable contributions to the seminar.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Zareef Ahmad Zareef emphasized the need to educate the younger generation about the harmony and brotherhood that once existed between Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims. He recounted personal anecdotes, reminiscing about the days when different communities lived together harmoniously in Srinagar’s Aali Kadal Pandit neighborhood, considering each other as companions and friends.
Zareef expressed hope that initiatives like these seminars would revive the strong bonds of brotherhood, fostering understanding among the new generation about shared history and the essence of coexistence. He emphasized the importance of these efforts in preparing both Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims for rehabilitation and reconstruction in Kashmir, aiming to restore the joyous days of Kashmir’s past characterized by such brotherhood.
The port-historian expressed hope that the joyous days of Kashmir’s past, characterized by such brotherhood, would return. “The seminar aims to help the youth and girls understand what Kashmir’s past was like and how strong the bonds of brotherhood used to be,” he said.

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