Kim Jong Un has departed to Russia for a meeting with Putin

New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean are all set to meet once again. According to South Korean broadcaster YTN, which cited an unnamed senior government source, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears to have left for Russia in preparation for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.
Kim is apparently travelling on a special train towards North Korea’s northeastern border in preparation for the meeting, which might happen as soon as Tuesday. The broadcaster had stated that the meeting might happen on Wednesday.
Earlier, the Russian news agency Interfax had reported that Kim Jong Un was expected to visit the Far East in the days to come.
The foreign and unification ministries of South Korea stated that they had no information to share. No one from the National Intelligence Service was available for comment.
If the trip is confirmed, Kim would be travelling for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak and her first international trip in more than four years.
His final international journey of the year was to Vladivostok, where he met with Putin for the first time following the breakdown of nuclear disarmament negotiations between North Korea and the former US president Donald Trump.

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