Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir has been deprived of a popular government for the past few years and is being ruled by an “air-dropped bureaucratic setup” which has no idea about the sentiments of people, the National Conference said on Wednesday.
NC state spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said Prime Minister Narendra Modi also did not talk about Jammu and Kashmir in his Independence Day speech on Wednesday.
“We are into our fifth year when there is no popular government as such in place. We are being ruled by bureaucrats, we are being ruled by an air-dropped bureaucratic set-up, by people who have no idea of the ground situation, the topography, and the sentiments of the people of Kashmir,” Dar told PTI here
“It is very unfortunate that if we call ourselves the mother of democracy, why then is J-K being singled out and why this democratic setup is not thriving in J-K. What stops them from facilitating the democratic set-up in J-K?” Dar said.
The BJP should be asked why Modi did not address JK in his Independence Day speech, he said.
“The party had claimed that they would bring prosperity and development in Kashmir when abrogation of Article 370 happened. But, on the ground you see what is happening. This is not only about the people of J-K. It is about the people of the country who are demanding answers from the BJP leadership about the mess they have created in J-K. Who is responsible for that?” the NC spokesperson said.
He said the prime minister’s speech from the Red Fort was aimed at diverting people’s attention from the main issues of unemployment and inflation.
“The situation right now is such that people are not able to manage even two meals a day and these are the issues that he should have talked about,” Dar said.
While referring to the prime minister’s remarks on dynastic politics, Dar said the BJP is filled with dynasts and the party is promoting them.
“The prime minister should first look inside his own cabinet as there is an exhaustive list of ministers that fit into the their own definition of dynasty. Let him first explain that, then we will give our explanation about dynastic politics… I can give you a list of all dynasts that this party is promoting,” he said.


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