New Delhi: The race to the uncharted south pole of the Moon is quickening with India’s Chandrayaan-3 and Russia’s Luna-25 gearing up for lunar landings next week, each mission holding significant implications beyond the thrilling competition in the skies.

While Chandrayaan-3 plans to be the first to land on the Moon’s south pole, Luna-25’s swift trajectory has cast new light, say experts as anticipation builds up. The proximity, possible overlap, of their landing dates — August 21-23 for Luna-25 and August 23-24 for Chandrayaan-3 — has intensified global scrutiny.

Chandrayaan-3, the third mission in India’s lunar exploration series, began its journey on July 14 this year and successfully entered lunar orbit on August 5. It is meticulously adjusting its orbit in preparation for a soft landing attempt within 40 days of launch.

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