Cost Of Living In Kashmir  

Cost Of Living In Kashmir   

Thinking of moving to Kashmir, and spending time there for work, study or business? It is the biggest hub for tourism, which means there are great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature because it is famous for its pristine natural scenery.

So, Kashmir is a great place to live in, but how much does it cost to live there? We’ll cover everything you need to know about the cost of living in Kashmir. This includes how much things like rent, transport, and education, along with average salaries and lots of other useful pieces of information.

How expensive is Kashmir in comparison to Delhi?

Let’s start off by comparing the cost of essentials like rent, meals, transportation and child care. See Table 1.

As we can clearly see from the above table that living costs in Kashmir are not so expensive as compared to Delhi. 

What are the general living expenses of Srinagar Kashmir?

Life in Kashmir is not so pricey. But still, you’ll need a healthy bank balance to make the most of your time there. Rent plays a big role in this. Let’s see this with the help of the table 2.

What are the average salaries in Kashmir?

As you might expect from its living expenses, salaries in Kashmir are pretty good.

Take a look below for examples of average salaries for certain roles.

Check Table 3

Kashmir is a fantastic place to live in, either for a permanent move or just to spend a year. There is something for everyone in Kashmir. But moving there it is important to take careful stock of your finances to make sure you have the budget to enjoy it. Both the quality of life and cost of living is pretty good across everything from rent and bills to food and drink.

Hopefully, after reading this, you now have a fairly good idea of how everyday living costs in Kashmir compare to Delhi.

If you have decided to take the plunge, the very best of luck with your new life in Kashmir.



Table 1

Rent per month Srinagar Delhi
Apartment (1 Bedroom)

In city centre.

Rs 11,000 Rs 19,271
Apartment (3 Bedrooms)

In city centre.

Rs 23,000 Rs 48,292
Restaurants Srinagar Delhi
Meal in inexpensive Restaurant. Rs 250 Rs 350
Meal for two people (Mid-range restaurant) three course. Rs 1,250 Rs 1,800
Transportation Srinagar Delhi
One way ticket (Local transport). Rs 30 Rs 40
Monthly pass (Regular price). Rs 700 Rs 884
Child care Srinagar Delhi
International primary school, yearly for one child. Rs 71,000 Rs 147,829



Table 2

Cost of living One person Family of four
Total with rent. $392 $857
Without rent. $239 $674
Rent and utilities. $153 $183



Table 3

Jobs Average salaries
Government teacher 7,72,000 INR. [per year with 10-28 years exp]
Physician 25,976 INR. [per month]
Police officer 36,323 INR. [per month]
Junior Engineer (Civil) 35,400 to 1,12,400 INR. [per month]


Ebrahim Nazir is pursuing Masters in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University. Feeback at [email protected]



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