JKCSF demands action against culprits selling substandard mustard oil

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has expressed serious concern over the availability of substandard edible oil in market which can be hazardous for the consumers of Jammu and Kashmir.
Chairman JKCSF Abdul Qayoom Wani referring to the news reports of oil samples of P Mark brand lifted from Kaimoh Police station which have been found substandard, the forum has given a calling attention to the government to check the whole range of food stuffs in markets for the safety of the people. Taking a dig on the laziness and negligence of Food safety and standards department , JKCSF has asked how come this substandard oil brand reached the market without a quality check and was found only substandard after J K police seized it in south Kashmiris Kaimoh area.
Wani urged the authorities to speed up the collection of sampling for other foodstuffs available for sale in the market.
Wani expressed anguish over the matter that when Kashmir society is not yet getting rid of spurious and substandard drugs, presence of substandard and adulterated food stuff’s is the worst ever scenario in JK to affect the health of the people.
JKCSF has demanded a probe into the matter and sever action against the culprits responsible for selling, storing or carrying any kind of substandard item of food or a drug.
JKCSF Chairman has appealed farmers to grow their own traditional mustard oil crop to get rid of the substandard edible oil.

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