Hospitalisation rate, active cases increase with spike in daily numbers

Hospitalisation rate, active cases increase with spike in daily numbers

In Sept, 1,979 cases, 4 deaths in Kashmir

Anantnag: The hospitalisation rate of Covid patients and the number of active cases of Covid-19 in Kashmir has increased while the recovery rate has slightly gone down, as the number of fresh Covid infections has been climbing – with September’s tally in the first twenty days almost nearing the whole of August’s.

“The way the numbers are increasing, we will see a huge spike in the number of cases this month as compared to the previous month,” an official privy to the data on Covid-19 told Kashmir Reader.

The ten districts of Kashmir division have reported 1,979 cases of Covid infections so far this month. In comparison, 2,246 cases were reported in the entire month of August.

“The trend actually started in the last week of August, if we look closely. More than 31% of August’s cases were reported in the last week of the month,” the official said, “And the trend has continued as we moved into September.”

With cases increasing, the number of people in need of hospitalisation has also gone up, considerably. At the beginning of this month, only 60 odd people were admitted to the 25 Covid designated hospitals in Kashmir. The number has almost doubled since.

As on September 19, the Covid hospitals were tending to 114 patients. “If we see the numbers percentage-wise, the hospitalisation rate has gone from 1.8 percent at the end of August to 3.3 percent now,” the official said, expressing concern over this leap.

The same is the case with the total number of active cases. At the end of August, there were only 928 active cases in Kashmir division and now there are 1,266.

This change can be directly attributed to the increasing number of fresh cases. Between September 15 and 19, the fresh cases reported daily were 124, 129, 133, 137, and 153, in that order.

“The trend is quite obvious. The numbers are increasing,” the official said.

Besides, four people have already died of the virus this month, while five people had died in the month of August. These numbers may also increase compared to last month.

The slump in recovery rate is not huge, but it has gone down from 98.5 percent in early August to 98.2 percent now. “It might not look much but it should definitely leave us worried,” the official said.

Meanwhile, none of the districts in Kashmir division is Covid free as of now. Even Shopian district, which has remained Covid free for the most part of the pandemic, has three active cases as of now.

“We are entering into a dangerous phase and if precautions are not taken we might see a steep spike in coming days,” the official warned, adding that each and everyone should follow the guidelines on prevention of Covid and get vaccinated at the earliest.


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