An unexamined life is not worth living

An unexamined life is not worth living

How does it profit a man when he loses his own soul in the contract with covetousness?

The world today presents a strange paradox. On the one hand there is abundance of material prosperity and on the other hand there is moral bankruptcy. In between the two, man is badly torn. He is all lost to his own self. The devil in man is out to destroy the dream of building a new social order based on a happy life and co-operative living. We are fast developing an attitude where progress is measured not in terms of quality of life but standard of material possession and social status. Consequently, it is becoming more and more difficult for a person to be selfless or generous or kind or to have sympathy for the weak, the poor or the sick.
All around, there is a world of the wild where the brutes brawl all over. The wolves around have badly pounced upon those tender human values which made men love each other. One cannot find even a single person worth one’s trust. It is this feeling of distrust that is turning man against man. The joy of life is turned to aching grief. Everyone scrambles for little mean advantages over others. At length, ambition is dead, unity is dead, and authenticity is fragile. How does it profit a man when he loses his own soul in the contract with covetousness?
Certainly, unless a better world, a fairer world, is made, millions will continue to go to their graves silent, saddened and embittered. As such, a value-oriented education is a pressing need. It cultivates the mind to be free of all that is undesirable and inhuman. Indeed, when the scope of moral education is intensified and it is looked upon as a lifelong transformation of human nature, it would bring about a fresh spiritual energy and abundance of love and fellowship. It is no doubt a long process but I think it is the only hope for human life and survival. The present situation of the world throws a tremendous responsibility on the teachers, as moral values are more a matter of being caught then taught. I believe that humanity will rise if the minds, hearts and spirits of men rise to somewhat higher levels. We should not be confined to a closed room with no place to exit or entry but rise to the occasion to dispel ignorance.
No one’s life is out of trouble or free of tension, but examining our life from time to time unburdens us from stress, encourages spiritual growth, deeper contemplation at the subconscious level, and true happiness resulting from being a moral, ethical and good person. Knowing ourselves through contemplation and day-to-day experience shall definitely find us in a different pair of shoes. It will give us a moral compass and the power to think maturely. It will free us from carnal desires for temporary worldly pleasure. We can delve deeper into what type of person we are and can begin to channel this towards improving our way and conduct. Holy Hadith Rasul (S.A.W.) says, “Mann arafa nafsahu, laqad arafa Rabbahu.” One who knows himself will know his Lord. As we hear this hadith, we should immediately try to keep a meticulous watch on our desires, feelings, negative reactions and also intentions behind these actions, and only then, Insha Allah, we will come closer to knowing our Lord.

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