Political parties, civil society should unitedly defeat Covid-19: Jitendra Singh

NEW DELHI: Union minister Jitendra Singh on Sunday said political parties and members of the civil society should rise above differences and unitedly defeat Covid-19.
He said at this time of the calamity, which happens once in a century, all other issues, priorities or agendas have to be set aside so that humanity survives for the future.
The minister called upon all political parties and senior members of the civil society to rise above differences and unitedly fight the battle against
Covid-19, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a statement issued by the personnel ministry said.
Singh, the minister of state for personnel, said this while despatching the first consignment of Covid-related material for his Lok Sabha constituency of Udhampur-Kathua-Doda in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday.
This (dispatch) is going to be a regular feature in the future as well, he said.
From time to time, depending upon the requirement and demand, we will be arranging such material from different sources and sending it to different parts of the region up to block and panchayat level, Singh said.
The dispatch included separate kits of face masks, sanitisers, antiseptics, toilet items, immunity boosters and a wide range of accessories and articles for use in Covid pandemic, the statement said.
Singh said only today he had tested negative for Covid-19 after being afflicted with the infection for three weeks and the very first activity that he had chosen to undertake is to start the despatch of Covid-related material for the people of his constituency, it said.
The minister said he had arranged for sending this material last month itself but it got delayed due to him getting infected with the disease.


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