Govt finalises rules under 4 labour codes, reform to be a reality soon

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Labour and Employment has finalised rules under the four labour codes paving the way for making reforms a reality by notifying those for implementation soon.
The four broad codes on wages, industrial relations, social security and occupational safety, health & working conditions (OSH) have already been notified after getting the President’s assent. But for implementing these four codes, the rules need to be notified.
Now the ministry has completed the process of consultation on draft rules on the four codes and firmed up those for notification.
Talking to PTI, Labour Secretary Apurva Chandra said, “We have finalised the rules under the four codes which are required to implement the four labour codes. We are ready to notify these rules. The states are doing their work to firm up rules under the four codes.”
Parliament had passed four codes on four broad codes on wages, industrial relations, social security and occupational safety health & working conditions (OSH) which would ultimately rationalise 44 central labour laws.
The Code on Wages was passed by Parliament in 2019 while the three other codes got clearance from both the Houses in 2020. —
The ministry wants to implement all four codes in one go. After firming up of rules, now four codes can be notified in one go.
Earlier on February 8, 2021, Chandra had said in a press conference, “Rule-making process is already underway and likely to be completed in the coming week. All stakeholders are also consulted in the framing of rules. This ministry would soon be in a position to bring into force the four Codes, viz., Code on Wages, Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (OSH) and Social Security Codes.”
Since labour is a concurrent subject, certain rules would also be framed by the states under the four codes.
The states are also in the process of notifying draft rules and holding tripartite consultations to firm up those for implementation.

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