Govt allows use of H-CNG as alternative clean fuel for automobile

NEW DELHI: In a move aimed at a wider adoption of alternative clean fuel for transportation, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Monday allowed the use of Hydrogen-enriched compressed natural gas (H-CNG, which is an 18 per cent mix of hydrogen, in CNG engines.
The ministry has been notifying various alternative clean fuels for transportation. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has also developed specifications of H-CNG as a fuel for automotive purposes. Certain CNG engines were tested to understand the emission reduction using H-CNG as compared to ‘neat’ CNG.
A notification for amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, for inclusion of H-CNG as an automotive fuel has been published vide GSR 585 (E) dated September 25, 2020, by the ministry. The draft rules in this respect were made available to the public on the July 22. No objections and suggestions were received from the public in this respect, the ministry said in a press statement. —Agencies


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