Avoid Bypass and Angioplasty for Heart Disease with SAAOL

Avoid Bypass and Angioplasty for Heart Disease with SAAOL

Dr Bimal Chhajer

While the Covid pandemic has created panic all around the world, heart ailments still remain one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity. Heart disease is the most common cause of death in most countries of the world.
The number of Covid infected people has crossed 2.56 lakh and deaths more than 7,000 in India. This in comparison to Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) and other heart ailments is very low. Globally, over 20 crore people annually are diagnosed with CAD and 2 crore lose their lives, which amounts to 10% of the mortality rate. India alone accounts for 6 crore people who have some form of heart disease, with a mortality rate of 35 lakh per annum. India is the present-day leader in the whole world so far as the number of heart patients is concerned. It is estimated that about 9,000 people every day lose their lives to heart disease and the count is only increasing.
Evidently, the rate of mortality due to Covid is restricted to within 2% whereas heart diseases kill over 10%. There are 8-10 crore (80-100 million) heart patients in India and every 10 seconds one person dies of heart disease in this country. Hospitals in India perform more than 2 lakh open heart surgeries annually and this rate is increasing annually by 25%. And yet, cases of heart attacks are not going down. The surgeries done are only palliative. Educating the masses about heart disease and risk factors is important to understand the root of the problem.
There is a big question mark on the use of unnecessary angioplasties and bypass surgeries in India. The Heart Hospital Industry is driven by greedy businessmen in the name of surgeons. In India, more than 5 lakh stents are being put every year into patients and some 60,000 bypass surgeries are being done in the specialised heart hospitals. 85% of such procedures are done on stable heart patients – which can be easily avoided.
Cardiologists are on the wrong track in emphasising more bypass surgery or angioplasty, medicines, emergency treatments. They are overlooking the real cause of heart attack and heart disease. If all of them work for removal of the causes of heart disease, by proper diet, exercise, yoga, and stress management, we can easily control the risk of heart disease as well as work towards eradicating heart disease.
Yoga and diet-based lifestyle management along with Optimum Medical Management is the key to the solution of heart diseases. These are not only highly effective in ensuring a healthy heart, they can also avoid the need for bypass surgery or angioplasty. SAAOL (Science and Art of Living) has been treating heart patients for the last 25 years successfully and its theory is now being proven correct by the most modern medical research. To avoid heart attack, all that patients need is thorough training on lifestyle and diet management. Cardiac ailments are a lifestyle related ailment and hence the treatment should also be focused in the same direction.
SAOOL’s eduVaccine revolves around the concept of ‘Reversal of heart diseases’ through regular monitoring of heart health through a ‘SAAOL Safety Circle’ which can guide every adult of the country to take steps to reverse and prevent heart disease. This technique has benefited over 2 lakh heart patients in the past 24 years with non-invasive treatment modules like lifestyle change, US FDA approved EECP, and a combination of ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and detoxification. The SAAOL Safety Circle is the best indicator of the heart’s health. It has three circles and 12 factors to control, six parameters related to medicare, and four each related to healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Dr Chhajer is Director of SAAOL Heart Center

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