Respect for a Pious Soul


When humans were finding it difficult to survive on the earth, it was largely science that came to their aid and made their survival possible and sustainable. Science has made all the difference and it is the courtesy of science which enabled the human race to reach where it stands today.
A child looks to his father to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. Researchers have found that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it greatly affects a child’s cognitive and social development. It also instills an overall sense of well-being and self confidence. A father not only influences us who we are inside, but how we have relationships with others. The loss of one’s father marks one of the big tragedies in life. Ah! I am remembering a beautiful and noble soul, my beloved father on his second death anniversary. My beloved father was very caring and supportive to me. It’s my beloved father, who pushed me to the best. He loved me unconditionally with every possible ounce of his heart. I wonder if we ever thanked to my beloved father for all his sacrifices! The grief has never been low, and, this pain of losing father has only grown stronger each year. The world feels less bright, less wonderful, less good without the presence of my beloved father.
Mr. Mohd Amin, a transporter was hailing from Tral Pulwama in Kashmir valley. He was very pious, religious minded and a kind hearted soul. He was kind to everyone including birds and animals. He always kept his self interests aside but tried everything to give his family a better life and comfort. He offered shelter to strangers in our home when they were not finding one. He taught us to feed birds before we started our own meals. No one can match his selfless love for his own mother. It may look exceptional but it is a fact that one day my beloved father washed his mother’s feet and consumed the used water. He suggested that there can’t be any better medicine than the water used in washing mother’s feet. This level of immense faith is truly angelic and had to find in the modern era. He was very caring and has shown great love and affection for his relatives and friends. He was a true symbol of harmony. He had many great friends in Hindu and Sikh families who looked at my beloved father as their own brother. He was an exception who took greatest care of his handicapped nephew for more than thirty years. I could find a ‘Noor’ (pious light) on my beloved father’s face while leaving this world.
Our parents constantly remind us of the true love. They have to struggle a lot to give us better life and comfort. We never understand the love of our parents for us; till we ourselves become parents. Losing a father often means losing a protector, a guiding hand, a best friend. But remembering and cherishing those happy memories together with one’s beloved father may always help to ease our pain and makes us strong. I am indebted to my beloved father for teaching me respect and instilling in me confidence and high values in life. My beloved father was a beautiful and noble soul. He suffered a lot and played a key role in my life that cannot be filled by others. He was an inspiration and very kind to others. I am grateful to him for letting me carve my own way. I wouldn’t be here without his endless sacrifices, support and love. I wish he could see us now. It would have made him so happy to listen to my achievements and my appraisal in the University; to see my younger brother Danish getting married and doing progress in business and also witness the arrival of his beautiful granddaughter Alisha. Whether my father ever realized it or not before he died, but he lived a remarkable life. He failed at many of the things he tried in life, but he greatly influenced the lives of all of the people he came into contact with. The world needs people like my beloved father who make this world a brighter, kinder, more compassionate place. I will forever look up to my beloved father to prove a better father and a citizen. May Allah reward my beloved father and offer him a best place in paradise (Aameen).

—Dr. Shahid Amin Trali is Assistant Professor, School of Management, ITM University Gwalior, He can be reached at- [email protected]

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